This really sounds like a tacky idea. A few months ago we reported on the upcoming remake of the 1935 pirate film, Captain Blood. It originally starred Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland and was directed by Michael Curtiz. The film told the story of a young British doctor, who’s convicted of treason at an unfair trial. He’s sent to work as a slave and ends up falling in love with his plantation owner’s daughter.  More drama ensues, which includes his escape to the high seas and his establishment as a successful pirate.

According to Empire, everything that made Captain Blood good will hit the skids including it’s setting. The film will make the dramatic move from the deep blue sea to the unknown landscape of space. Yep, we’re going to space! The new feature will be directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, the same men who brought you 2003′s Undead and the upcoming Daybreakers. The screenplay was written by John Brownlow, who originally kept the swashbuckling backdrop in the first draft. Now, he’s been asked to make a few changes to incorporate this new futuristic element.

I actually re-watched Captain Blood not to long ago on Turner Classic Movies, and that film was a lot better than I thought it would be. It was Errol Flynn’s first big role, and it featured one of the many onscreen collaborations he and Olivia de Havilland became known for. I agree the concept of piracy, slavery, and injustice can be taken to space, but do they have to call it Captain Blood? Can it just be “inspired by” instead of a full blown remake? There are plenty of films that do that, without damaging the name of the original.

What do you think about Captain Blood being set in space?