Last weekend at Comic-Con ’09, director James Cameron broke some top secret news about his upcoming film, Avatar. He announced that August 21st has been officially declared, Avatar Day. What does that mean exactly? Well, on that day movie goers will be able to get their first peek at footage from the film. Several scenes were shown at Comic-Con and I’m assuming they’ll premiere some newer footage during the day long event.

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Over at /Film they’ve listed the latest Avatar Day info via the studio’s press release. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The 15 minutes of footage will screen only in 3D at “select cinemas and IMAX theaters.”
  • “Details on locations and reserving tickets for this extraordinary and unprecedented experience will be announced soon.”
  • The worldwide trailer launch will be presented in all formats, including IMAX® 3-D, IMAX® 2-D, digital 3-D, digital 2-D, and 35mm 2-D. The trailer will also be available online.
  • Also on Avatar Day: “Ubisoft will unveil the trailer for their video game James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, and Mattel will reveal the action figures for the film’s Avatar and alien Na’vi characters.”

Darn you James Cameron! I need this movie to come out now. After seeing some footage from this past weekend, I can honestly say it’s worth looking into. The design of the Na’vi and the melding of the actors with the CG creatures is an amazing feat. I can’t wait until more is revealed!

Are you looking forward to August 21st as Avatar Day?

If so, read up on the latest!