District 9 sharlto

District 9 star Sharlto Copley has quickly become a favorite of mine. The actor will be making his major film debut in the Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson collaboration, and is managing to stay completely humble and unlike his character in the film completely endearing. I previously interviewed him at Comic-Con this past weekend, which he happened to remember this second time around (when does that happen?)

The interview below starts where we left off, with him speaking about the last question that I asked him at Comic-Con about what it’s like to walk out onto the stage in front of 6,000+ fans and how nervous he was to do so. Copley also gives some insight into how he created the right work environment on the District 9 set, being that it was led by a director who also happened to be his close friend, what it was like working with Peter Jackson and a whole lot more.

Check out the interview below…

District 9 will be in theaters August 14h.