Move over Bourne movies, there’s a new Robert Ludlum property hitting the big screen! According to Variety, Oscar winning director Ron Howard has his eye on the the author’s novel The Parsifal Mosaic. His next film will be based off of the book, which will be adapted by David Self. In typical Ludlum fashion the story will be government based, with twists at every turn.

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The Parsifal Mosaic centers on “a CIA operative who thinks he witnessed the execution of his lover after she was identified as a KGB double agent.” The film will be produced by Howard’s long time collaborator Brian Grazer and Captivate Entertainment partners Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith. Universal Pictures already has the fourth Bourne installment in development with director Paul Greengrass, as well as this latest property.

I have to say I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies, and from what I’ve heard they are great adaptations of the novels. I think a huge part of that has to do with the writer and directors who’ve worked on the films. In Ron Howard’s case (even though I love the guy), I heard his adaptation of Angels and Demons was horrible! Maybe he can do better with this one, but I’m not so sure.

How do you feel about Ron Howard taking on The Parsifal Mosaic?