Yesterday we reported on the replacement of Twilight actress Rachelle Lefevre with Terminator Salvation star Bryce Dallas Howard in the saga’s upcoming installment. According to reports there was a serious “scheduling” conflict that would make it impossible for Lefevre to reprise her role in the second sequel Eclipse. From that point the actress was recast, and we thought everything was fine. Unfortunately, Lefevre has released several statements clarifying her abrupt departure from the franchise and Summit Entertainment.

According to Lefevre, she was stunned that her role had been recast. Over at CNN, she stated that she was totally committed to the Twilight saga. The main cause of the recast had to do with the actresses inability to balance her Eclipse schedule with other projects, which she adamantly denies.

“I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it,” she adds. “Summit chose simply to recast the part. I am greatly saddened that I will not get to complete my portrayal of Victoria for the ‘Twilight’ audience.” She also said she turned down “several other film opportunities” and accepted only roles with short shooting schedules to make time for “Eclipse.”

Yeesh, that sucks. Well Twilight fans it’s time for you to fill me in on the importance of this character in the series. I haven’t seen the first film, so I’m not sure if the role should be recast or not.

Do you think Howard is a good replacement for Lefevre? Would you prefer the original actress stay in the role?