It seems like everybody is hopping on the train of 3-D rendering. MTV recently caught up with Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau and the topic of 3-D filmmaking came into play. As we all know both Peter Jackson and James Cameron have embraced this trend whole heartily as the wave of the future, but how does Mr. Favreau feel about it?

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In his MTV interview Jon Favreau stated that he really loves the idea of 3-D filmmaking.

“I like all the new technologies, 3-D being one of them. James Cameron had brought me around a few months back to see what he was doing with ‘Avatar’; that’s what’s been seen now by many of the fans,” he said of the 3-D footage shown by the “Titanic” filmmaker last week. “It was exciting to go in there and see what he’s doing with cutting-edge technology. He’s just a great storyteller as well, and to see a great filmmaker working with the cutting-edge of this technology is amazing.”

Cameron’s introduction to the 3-D world made quite the impression on Favreau. Way back during the developmental stages of Iron Man 2 he was thinking about applying the technology to the film. Unfortunately he realized that making a 3-D action flick isn’t as easy as it looks. “I was hoping to get a shot at doing it this time around, but it didn’t work out that way. … There are a few drawbacks to it at this point — there’s more cost involved, and it also forces you to shoot digitally. My cinematographer [Matthew Libatique] really likes film, and ‘Iron Man’ had a certain look because it was film.”

At the moment a lot of people are wondering if Favreau will direct the upcoming Avengers movie, but at this point he isn’t even certain that he’s finalized for a third Iron Man.

“We haven’t had any talks about [me directing 'Avengers'], although we do have talks about what the content of ‘Avengers’ will be,” Favreau said of the film expected to feature Iron Man, Nick Fury, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and others. “I’m going to be involved in some capacity with it, but as far as directing goes, we’re still working on this one. … I’m happy they brought me back to do ‘Iron Man 2.’

Darn you Jon Favreau and your dodgy answers! I would love for him to direct the Avengers, because I feel that Iron Man is what kicked off this entire Marvel series. If it weren’t for the success of that film, who knows if the Avengers project would have even been considered. As for the production of 3-D Marvel films, I don’t think it would be a bad idea, but I do feel as if we’re getting over saturated with it. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about. It’s starting to feel like an old parlor trick.

How would you feel about Iron Man or The Avengers in 3-D?