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Earlier this week we reported that Mad Men star Jon Hamm would be joining the romantic crime thriller The Town. Now according to THR,  Jeremy Renner has also been cast in the film. Renner has been receiving rave reviews for his performance in the indie flick The Hurt Locker, and now he’s decided to lighten things up a bit. The Town is the second film to be directed by co-star Ben Affleck, and will be produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

The Town is an adaptation of the Chuck Hogan novel “Prince of Thieves.” The story centers on a banker (Rebecca Hall) who has an on again off again relationship with a thief (Affleck). Hamm will play a by the book FBI agent who wants to use the woman as a means to get the criminal. Renner will star as Affleck’s best friend, and a member of his gang.  The Town’s screenplay was written by Affleck, Hogan and Peter Craig.

I love Jeremy Renner! This guy really is a multi-talented actor. He’s been in a variety of films that stem from 28 weeks Later, to S.W.A.T., to North Country, to National Lampoon’s: Senior Trip! Yes, that was him in that movie. Sadly enough that was my first Jeremy Renner cinematic experience. Even in the wake of some questionable roles, Hollywood needs to give this man his due!

What do you think about Jeremy Renner joining Affleck and Hamm in The Town?