Is the modern day remake of the Wolf Man horror classic cursed? How much can this poor film take? According to several media outlets including Variety, the film has been pushed back for not the second, not the third, but the fourth time! It won’t be released this year at all, and has been bumped to 2010 instead. Universal Pictures have shifted it’s release from later this fall to early next year, where it will compete with films of a more romantic caliber.

Wolf Man was originally planned for a release on Feb. 13 , then it changed to April 3, which morphed to Nov. 6, and now it’s been kicked out of 2010 all together. Similar to it’s original release date the film will hit theaters on February 12 of next year. It will be competing against the likes of New Line’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, the Summit drama Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson (no surprise there) toplining, and Disney’s 3-D re-release of Beauty and the Beast. One of the marketing execs over at Universal stresses that this was a strategic move on the studios part.

“We have seen just how enormous first quarter movies can be,” said Adam Fogelson, president of marketing and distribution for U, citing the $215 million that studios generated on the February weekend this year, versus the $136 million that pics earned on the November date last year.

I would have totally bought that if it wasn’t for the fact that Wolf Man’s very first release date was in the first quarter! Why did they move it four times, only to have it end up in the same place over a year later? I actually want to see this movie, but the suspicious maneuvers Universal have been pulling is making me doubt it’s quality. I’m sorry to say, even though I’m a fan of old school horror, I’m an even bigger fan of my childhood so during that weekend I will be checking out Beauty and the Beast. Sorry, guys.

What will you go see next February, Valentine’s Day, Beauty and the Beast, Remember Me, or Wolf Man?