The Warded Man image

Hold on to everything you hold dear, Paul W.S. Anderson is about to make another film adaptation. According to Collider, the director best known for his work on the Resident Evil film franchise has set his eyes on the novel The Warded Man. It appears that Anderson and his production partner Jeremy Bolt have gotten their hands on film rights to the Peter V. Brett book. This should be exciting (sarcasm)…

The Warded Man which is also known as The Painted Man, was just released earlier this year. Anderson plans on turning this novel adaptation into a full blown film franchise (sound familiar?), which will stem from the three-part “Demon Cycle” series from Brett’s fantasy-adventure books. Here’s a brief description of what we can expect from the first installment of the upcoming film trilogy.

“The Warded Man” takes place in an alternate future where mankind is beset by demons and has been thrown back into the days of the feudal system.  Three young people, including one man who is warded or “painted” with magical spells over his entire body, emerge who may be able to turn the tide in the battle against evil.”

Anderson must have a lot of faith in this property, because he’s gone on record calling this series a “new ‘Lord of the Rings’-style epic.” Can someone please page the men in the white suits for this guy? I can’t believe he said that. His Resident Evil films were mediocre, and the third one was pure visual cancer, so what makes him think that his work is on that level? I don’t know what type of “epic” he has in mind, but he hasn’t shown me anything worth watching.

What do you think of Paul W.S. Anderson making a Demon Cycle trilogy?