When there’s nowhere else for King Kong to go, he can always return to Skull Island. According to several media sources including Latino Review, another Kong centered film is in the works. After Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake, which was mediocre at best, I don’t know if the world is ready for another angry gorilla story. Conveniently published around the same time as the film’s release was the book, Kong: King of Skull Island.” As of late, the text has become a hot property and is on it’s way to becoming an adapted feature film!

The author’s of the most recent Kong novel are Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland. Skull Island told “the story of how Kong became the ruler of the island and it involved other giant apes and dinosaurs that were only hinted at in film adaptations.” A production company called Spirit Pictures has taken hold of the prequel property. They are going through all the necessary channels to revive the cult character, and they’ve even contacted the family of Merian C. Cooper. He was a co-director of the original Ray Harryhausen Kong film and his estate still contains the rights to the creature. The producers wanted to get the stamp of approval from the family, before continuing with their movie making process.

Andy Briggs will write the screenplay for the film, which will more than likely use motion capture technology for it’s production. My question is how much money are these people willing to spend? Every Kong film ever made regardless of the time period, has cost a good chunk of change. I wonder if they have any bankable investors for this thing?

Would you be interested in seeing a King Kong prequel?