Finally! A photo of Mickey Rourke in character from Sylvester Stallone‘s upcoming action epic The Expendables has hit the net! It looks to me as if the actor is rocking the same hair he has in Iron Man 2, so someone must have made both films back to back. Either way, this flick is set to hit theaters next April with Iron Man 2 following in May. The full photo features Rourke and Stallone doing a very manly activity, in a very manly place… the tattoo parlor.

Check out the full photo after the jump!

Image courtesy of Empire.


There are just too many eighties action stereotypes going on in this photo. It’s like playing where’s the testosterone! I’ll give you a hint…it’s everywhere! Talk about beating you over the head with bad ass antics.

What do you think of Mickey’s first photo from The Expendables?