Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could own a piece of the set or a prop that was used in it? Well, today is your lucky day. 20th Century Props will have a webcast auction starting July 28 and ending August 1. The company, which is going out of business, will auction off furniture used on the Golden Girls set, a Golden Girls portrait, a black bar booth that could have been in the Bada Bing club, aliens that may have been in Lost or Area 51 or X-files, or a medical isolation chamber to keep nasty killer viruses in check, and rooms of art deco, even a full size submarine interior will be for sale.

The biggest auction item of all? The coffin Arnold Schwartzenegger himself carried (pictured above) in the movie Terminator 3: The Salvation. Who wouldn’t want to own something Mr. Governator touched?

Here are three cool items that will be auctioned off:

To participate in the auction you can contact Roy Gamityan by e-mail or by phone at (818) 884-3737.  You can also go directly to the 20th Century Props website. Again, the auction will take place July 28 – August 1st, 9:30 am each day PDT.

What do you guys think of 20th Centry Props auctioning off props from films and telvision shows? Is there any prop that you would give anything, even an organ to own? If so, what prop and from what movie/show?