1:33: ..and they’re off! They’ve just wrapped up the panel and walked off the stage.

1:32: They’re discussing their influences that include Mr. Show and Kids in the Hall. I loved that show!!

1:30: They confirmed that even though they’ve done this movie they will still continue with their sketch shows online. They will also continue traveling and doing live sketch comedy in clubs and whatnot.

1:28: They just took a jab at the cast of Lost. They said they’ve talked more about Lost than the cast of Lost did at their panel. So true! Those guys gave no info!

1:25: The cast discusses their improv background. They trained at the UCB Comedy Club in New York, but they didn’t do a lot of improv in the film because they didn’t have the time or money to do so.

1:21: Wow this Donald guy is really talented. He did the entire score for the Mystery Team movie.

1:20: Donald is a complete ham. He’s doing this entire panel in this weird hillbilly character.

1:17: Donald came up with the idea for the Mystery Team as a grown up version of Encyclopedia Brown. They started doing internet sketches on the internet and built up a good following before they made the film.

1:13: The introduced the cast and they replaced Donald Glover with some random guy who turned out to be the DP from the film. So the real Donald just came out dressed in a ripped tank top and boxer shorts. Classy!

1:11: They just showed an exclusive clip that they shot specifically for Comic-Con.

1:05: The panel presentation is starting and there are a lot of cult fans here waiting for the cast and crew!