***Update: We also have video of director Jon Favreau introducing the cast to the panel.

Well, Comic-Con is officially coming to an end. However, we still have lots of stuff for you to check out from this crazy weekend. The Iron Man 2 panel yesterday was in such high demand, and there were so many people that were shut out of Hall H at the convention center. They missed out on a pretty awesome trailer, but you can read about it in our first look and watch our sweded video that we made last night.

Anyways back to the point, we were able to get in and record the panel discussion and fan questions for you! The panel had a large portion of the cast, including Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, and the director, Jon Favreau. They talked about Mickey Rourke, the tone of the new film, how close they stayed to the stories, and answered other fan questions.

In case you are interested, you may want to check out our live blog from the Iron Man 2 panel, Jon Favreau talking about a possible Avengers movie, and our coverage from the other Robert Downey Jr. movie, Sherlock Holmes.

Check out the videos from the panel below…

The tone of the new movie

Talk About Mickey Rourke

How close they stayed to the comics

Last fan question