Say what you want about Katherine Heigl, the girl knows how to pick a movie that will be a hit.  This week she stars in Robert Luketic’s film The Ugly Truth with Gerald Butler.  So what is the “ugly truth” that we will be spending our hard earned money trying to figure out? That women love with their heart and men love with other body parts. Although the concept is nothing new, the chemistry between Heigl and Butler makes the movie a must see, at least for girly-girls everywhere.

And if you like watching freakishly scary little girls who try and kill the members of the new family they are adopted into, then you should catch Jaume Collet-Serra’s film Orphan starring Isabelle Fuhrman.  I don’t know about this film, it seems like a scarier version of the 1993 film The Good Son where Macaulay Culkin successfully portrays the crazy young child trying to kill others.

Click below for the list of movies coming out July 24th:

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The Ugly Truth


The Answer Man



In the Loop

English Surgeon

Surviving Crooked Lake

Which movie trailer made you want to go see the film?