***Update: If you want to see and hear what Kevin had to say, check out some of our panel videos where you can view all of his smart ass remarks for yourself.

That’s all folks! Kevin could go on all night, but he’s gotta wrapped it up. This panel was hilarious and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

6:24: He was just asked him if he would ever put Nicolas Cage in any of his movies. He said by the time he started making movie Cage was already pretty famous, and he usually works with unknown actors.

6:21: Kevin Smith is making fun of Christian Bale’s Batman voice! I think he’s saying what we all are thinking.

6:20: A guy dressed like Clark Kent is at the mic. He looks like a mix of Zachary Quinto and Brandon Routh.

6:15: A fan named Mike just got a New Moon handbag for Kevin to give to his daughter who’s a fan. He just got onstage and Kevin just let him sit on the panel with him. The crowd is applauding.

6:10: He also said there probably won’t be anymore animated Clerks, just six episodes.

6:09: He just called Twilight “Porn for children,” but he recognized the power it has over the tween audience. “It’s all about I want to kiss you, I want, I want..but I can’t.” Ha!

6:05: Woo hoo!! Someone from Detroit just asked him if it was true that he was working on a project with Mitch Albom. He said he’s still working on Couple of Dicks. He actually just finished the ending to the film on his ride to Comic-Con. I’m from Detroit so I got a little excited about that question!

5:57: He said the film looks real good. It doesn’t look like it’s his film. The biggest influence for the film in his mind is Abbott and Costello. But it has 60 percent less action that Lethal Weapon.

5:54: He just confirmed that Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live will make a cameo in the film.

5:50: Kevin Smith just said here’s not sure if the title A Couple of Dicks will stick with the movie. He said TBS and FOX said they would run ads for the film anytime of the day, while the big three said they wouldn’t run it before 9 pm at night.

5:47: He just called Robert Pattinson a scrawny tooth pick. He said he should f*ck a cougar, because middle aged women love him.

5:43: He’s talking about the New Moon panel yesterday. The audience booed! He’s talking about how he watched the clip of the video on youtube. And he’s talking about how overly dramatic the scene they showed from the film. It featured Taylor Lautner taking off his shirt for no reason. “You could feel the room get moist….with sweat.”

5:40: This girl just went to ask a question, but she barely made any sense. Kevin just asked her, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

5:38: Kevin confirms that Scott Mossier is working on a script for an action movie. He described it as the most ambitious thing he’s ever done.

5:35: A fan dressed like Silent Bob just approached the mic to ask a question. He looks just like the real deal!

5:33: He’s talking about how his last film flopped, but he got over it when he discovered weed. Come on Kevin, we know you didn’t just discover that.

5:32: It’s Kevin!!! He’s talking about his experience from last year.

5:30: Ok, we’re about to get this party started. They just gave a warning to the audience that the following panel may not be suitable for small children. No surprise there, ha!

5:25: They’ve just announced that the Kevin Smith panel will begin shortly. I’m sure this will be a hilarious event!