***Update: You can check out an interview from Woody Harrelson Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone promoting Zombieland, as well as director Roland Emmerich‘s views on his upcoming film 2012.

3:46: A fan asked Roland if the world did end in 2012, how would he want it to. He said that he hopes it doesn’t end. If we stopped having so many wars, we could start working on the planet.

3:43: A Spanish fan just asked Roland why he never destroyed Spain in any of his films. I think that was an attempt at humor but blah!

3:39: Roland wants to do a film adaptation of the sci-fi series, The Foundation from Isaac Asimov. He said he’s trying to get a script right now.

3:38: Holy Sh*t!!! For that to be 70 percent done it looked amazing!!! How much destruction can you put in one scene!!

3:32: Here’s another scene which Roland prefaces by saying it’s not finished yet. About 70 percent of it is done.

3:30: Director Roland Emmerich just came out to talk about 2012.

3:28: “Oh My God!!” We just saw some footage from 2012, and it blew me away. I haven’t felt this way about a trailer since Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Talk about following suit!

3:22: Woody is talking about his other movie 2012, and their about to show a clip!

3:20: A fan just asked Woody Harrelson if he wanted to go one on one in basketball, because White Men Can’t Jump is his favorite film. So, lame….

3:18: They just showed another clip and it was hilarious!

3:13: Woody said his favorite zombie movie was 28 Days Later, but there were a lot of sleepless nights after that.

3:12: Is Bill Murray in Zombieland and can you kill a zombie with hemp? Woody confirms that there is a rumor, but he doesn’t know if he can kill a zombie using hemp.

3:09: Our very own Brendan Walsh from ScreenCrave just asked the cast if he was in the movie and got bitten would they kill him? Emma replied, “It’s everyman for himself in Zombieland, so yeah we’d kill you. Woody chimed in, ” Even if you weren’t bitten….” The crowd bursts out into laughter.

3:07: Fans are asking the actors about their favorite method to take out a zombie, Woody: chainsaw, Emma: head butt,: Jesse: a swing set. Interesting…

3:06: They just showed another clip, and it was gross……I love it!

3:00: Jesse thought the script was hysterical, moving, and really fun. Emma Stone said, ” I read the script.” “I was not as put off by the idea of it being a zombie movie. I thought it would be kind of cool.”

2:58: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone just came out. Woody said “it was high time I got offered a zombie movie. ”

2:58: That was f*cking awesome! It was funny, and gross! Everything I love about zombie flicks!

2:54: Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer just walked on stage to introduce a new trailer for Zombieland.

2:51: They’re ready to get started  (so they say).

2:48: We are waiting for the Zombieland/2012 panel to start. It’s cold in here and the people behind me are having the lamest conversation ever! This needs to start.