Normally at these Comic-Con panels, the stars don’t generally go into great detail about other future projects. It seems like that is left for the actual press conferences, as opposed to panels. However, that is not the case with Jason Bateman. During the Extract panel, he discussed the progress of the Arrested Development movie.

Bateman stated:

“I am more excited than all of you to see that thing happen. I don’t have any breaking news to share with you today. It’s not dead, there’s no reason to think its dead, it’s still going ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if [Neal Moritz] called me today and said he had the first 50 pages done or the whole thing is done. I spoke to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer the other day and they are looking forward to doing it. Hopefully it could start filming as early as the next six months or as late as the next 18. “

I was really excited to hear a more detailed discussion of a possible Arrested Development movie. I loved the show and everyone involved. They need to hurry up and make it already! It has been years since we have seen any material by them.

What do you think?