Iron Man 2
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4:48: They just wrapped up the panel people. Iron Man is going to be amazing!!

4:45: A young fan just asked RDJ since he has experience with playing African American characters. Did he ever think of playing War Machine in this movie?.Robert responded with, “You’re going to waste the last question on that. God I love you. Don chimes in, ” That’s an excellent question.”

4:42: Bob Layton the writer and artist for Iron Man just came up on stage!

4:35: Scarlett on her fight training in the film.”It was a lot of mixed martial arts training. I like to see the actor doing their own stunts.”

4:32: The main theme in this movie has to do with the idea of needing help, and working with other people. No man is an island. There was a lot of pressure in saying your Iron Man and being Iron Man.

4:31: Robert’s experience with working with “I thought I was eccentric.” Sam says, “I love Mickey, we had a great time. He’s a consummate actor. We smoked a couple of cigarettes together and that’s about it.”

4:29: Jon was asked if he will direct The Avengers. He said he’s been looking at the prep work for Thor, and he’s got a year left on Iron Man. He’s looking forward to being involved with the Avengers project in some way.

4:28: Sam Rockwell is really happy to be here. He said the trailer blew him away.

4:26: I didn’t really have a formal audition. I met with Kevin and Jon about a year ago. She dyed her hair red before she had the part. She said she would do whatever she had to do to get the part.

4:24: Don Cheadle on playing Rhodey. “It’s been very interesting experience. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous for the whole shoot.” On wearing the War Machine out fit, “It’s heavy.”

4:23: We wanted to add characters that would further movement towards the Avengers film!

4:22: The panel was introduced with Scarlett Johannson, Don Cheadle, and Sam Rockwell!!

4:21: They just showed some clips and they are amazing! Oh My God!! War Machine will be in the movie people!! WAR MACHINE IS IN THE MOVIE!!!

4:15: today is Favreau’s son’s birthday and RDJ is leading the audience in singing him happy birthday!

4:12: They dimmed the lights to show some behind the scenes footage from the film, and when the lights came up Robert Downey Jr was onstage!!

4:11: They’re introducing the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. He’s bringing in Jon Favreau!!!! Woo hoo!! Jon’s recording the audience with a video camera! He came out to the Iron Man theme music!

4:10: It’s starting!! The intro begins people!!! It sounds like they are going to show us something!!

4:08: They want everyone to get in their seats. This thing is packed, people want their Iron Man 2 panel! If they show some footage I’m going to hit the roof!

4:05: I’m waiting for the Iron Man 2 panel to start! Give me more Robert Downey, Jr!! I can’t get enough from that man!