Yesterday at Comic-Con, I felt like a little kid again and it was wonderful. Initially, I was excited to see the Warner Bros panel, but then the Disney one came up and surprisingly blew it away (aside from the footage from Where the Wild Things Are). I suddenly felt so nostalgic for my childhood. It was amazing! I’d previously heard that Disney’s new movie, The Princess and the Frog, was their first return to hand drawn animation since 2004 and thought nothing of it. It was just going to be another Disney movie. Pixar has really dominated the world of animation for the past few years, and judging by the clips shown at yesterday’s panel, Disney is coming back in a big way.

Check out the breakdown of the amazing components that will make this film a Disney classic…

  • Animation: This one is fairly obvious. The animation in The Princess and The Frog looks beautiful. The animators on this film have directed both Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, which are amazing. Watching the clips really reminded me of the old Disney movies I grew up watching. I remember seeing a lot of these films in theaters, and I realized a lot of kids these days haven’t had that experience. This is good exposure for the younger generation.
  • Music: The music for the movie has been trusted in the hands of Randy Newman. Newman is quite familiar with composing music for Disney films, as he has worked on Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. just to name a few. The musical aspect of these movies are so key because it really does help tell the story, and it sounds like Newman is doing an awesome job on that front. The song they previewed really reminded me of the song in Aladdin where Aladdin meets the genie.
  • Story: The story is very much like previous Disney movies. The story is about a beautiful girl, a prince that turned into a frog, and an evil voodoo witch doctor. The concept seemed more lively, fun, and jazzy. The setting is down in New Orleans during the 1920′s, so there is a Cajun, bayou feel to film. The drawings of the swampy nights are especially gorgeous.
  • Characters: There really wasn’t much insight into the personalities of the two main characters, but the most colorful personalities tend to be the sidekicks and the villains. The sidekicks are key to these movies; and the one featured in this movie is awesome. He’s a firefly named Ray! Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with it! Anyways, I really hope he accidentally ends up in a jar, because that is what you do with fireflies.

Those are some of the things that I really liked about the clips shown yesterday. This will be a great movie for parents, children, and Disney fans alike. It will definitely take you back to the old days of Disney when they were really on top of their game. I have a feeling that this movie will be on par with the likes of Aladdin and The Lion King and all the other awesome Disney movies from my youth.