**** Check out some footage from the cast and crew at the Legion panel at this year’s Comic-Con here.

We finally got to see some footage from Scott Stewart’s upcoming religious epic, Legion. I hadn’t heard much about the film besides the fact that Paul Bettany would be playing an angel, and Doug Jones would just be playing creepy……again. Either way I was excited when the cast came out to introduce the film. They showed the first official trailer which literally blew me away!

Check out my thoughts on the video after the jump.

  • Doug Jones appears in the film as a fallen angel of some sort, and even though he’s still using some make-up and prosthetics he’s not unrecognizable like he usually is in his other films.
  • Paul Bettany is shown as the arch angel Michael, who cuts his wings off and decides to help man kind from the impeding legion of angels that are coming to wipe them out.
  • Gabriel, another arch angel is played by Kevin Durand is leading the pack, and Michael says to him that he’s always been so eager to please.
  • Adrianne Palicki’s character is pregnant with a child that can save mankind, and Michael turns against everyone in heaven to protect her.
  • The cast includes Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, and Tyrese Gibson as a group of strangers who are stranded at a diner in the middle of the desert, with no help in sight.
  • The graphics are amazing! When the angels are shown possessing the bodies of humans it looks pretty terrifying. Their eyes go black, and they apparently have the ability to crawl up walls!

What do you think about these little tidbits?