Yesterday at Comic-Con’s Disney Animation panel they debuted footage from several classic films that will be re-rendered using 3-D technology. One of them included the 1991 commercial and critical hit, Beauty and the Beast. The film hasn’t been completely transferred over as of yet, but they showed us an opening clip of the movie that has been completed. It featured the performance of one of my favorite songs “Belle.” Here are a few things I noticed about the footage.

  • The quality of the film is new and improved. Even with the extra 3-D layers, the outline of the character’s isn’t over powering. It’s still reminiscent of the original.
  • The sound was a lot better. This may also be because the sound system in the hall was out of control. But when they sang the song I was able to completely zone out and listen to the music.
  • The ballroom scene where Belle and the Beast dance together was the very first shot they showed in 3-D. When he spins her around it feels like she’s being thrown right at you!
  • There is still plenty of rendering to be done but the film won’t be released until February 12, 2010, so they’ve got some time.

I can’t wait that long! When they dimmed the lights, and the music swelled up, I literally shed a tear. I miss that type of stuff. It really did take me back to my childhood, and I think it will do the same for other people who grew up during the nineties.

What do you think about Beauty and the Beast being in 3-D?