2:33: They’re closing the panel, and the crowd is cheering. Jason Bateman is so awesome. I love that man. have I said that enough during this? Stay tuned for photo updates from the Extract panel!

2:29: They were asked about the awkward things they’ve seen at this years convention. Jason said he went down to the Extract booth and took a photo with his cardboard cutout. He said he’d love to come back as a fan.

2:26: Mike confirms that a Beavis and Butthead sequel could possibly happen if the people want to see it.

2:21: Arrested Development update from Jason: “I am more excited than all of you to see that thing happen. I don’t have any breaking news to share with you today. It’s not dead, there’s no reason to think its dead, it’s still going ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if [Neal Moritz] called me today and said he had the first 50 pages done or the whole thing is done. I spoke to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer the other day and they are looking forward to doing it. Hopefully it could start filming as early as the next six months or as late as the next 18. ”

2:18: The actors were asked what they’re worse job was, and Jason replied with, “Everyone knows imdb right? Just go ahead and pick. Just throw a dart!”

2:13: Mila was asked about working with Kristen Wiig. I’ve done three films with Kristen and not once have I been in the same scene as her, and not once have I been at work on the same day as her.” Jason said he actually showed Kristen a promo pic of Mila and she said, “She is so goddamn pretty! I will never be in a picture, in a scene, or in the same room as her.” He just broke out into laughter and so did the audience! Oh, Jason!

2:11: A fan just asked Mike Judge if he would ever audition for a James Bond film, and Jason chimed in and said, “All those guys are easy on the eyes Mike.”  Mike does look a lot better than I thought he would. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen him in a while.

2:09 Jason was asked about which he prefers to do drama or comedy. He said when he’s doing drama he’s thinking about comedy, and vice versa. “The grass is always greener. We’re actors we’re always looking to do bigger and better, you know we’re whores.”

2:07: When asked about how and why she chose the film Kunis said, “I wanted to work with Mike and Jason. I thought the script was really funny. It wasn’t like a hard decision.”

2:06: They’re opening up questions from the floor, and this guy just called Jason, Justin but yeah……

2:05: The film opens on September 4th! I’ll be there with bells on!

2:04: We just saw another clip in which Jason hires a male prostitute to seduce his wife played by Kristen Wiig. Ben emphasizes that he wants his 10 percent for brokering the deal. Affleck is really stealing the show here! Too bad he’s not on the panel.

1:59: They just showed another scene with Jason and Ben, but it turns out a big portion was cut out. Mike apologized to us, and Jason said, “Somebodies gonna get fired.” The audience erupts in laughter.

1:53: Mila’s character Cindy is a bit of a manipulator. Josh asked the actress if Cindy is a grifter or just misunderstood. “She’s just misunderstood. I think there’s a Cindy within all of us.”

1:52: Ben Affleck was featured in the scene and he stole it. He was hilarious. He has a Jesus look going on for some odd reason.

1:51: They’re setting up a new clip featuring Mila. This is her introduction scene in the film.

1:50: Mike Judge responds to his characters being typically dumb, or “not that bright.” He says, “Everybody’s portrayed poorly in everything I do.”

1:49: They just showed the trailer for the film. The crowd’s laughing hysterically.

1:46: Here’s Mila! She’s so adorable!

1:45: Jason is walking out!!! Seriously, if I wasn’t a sane person I’d hop on the stage. This is his first time at Comic-Con!

1:43: Here’s Mike!! This man refuses to age. He’s been looking the same for about 10 years now!

1:42: It’s beginning! Josh Horowitz from MTV is doing the intro for the film, and I want Jason now!

1:40: I’m anxiously waiting for the Extract panel to start. I actually saw Jason Bateman upstairs taking pictures with some fans. He seems so nice,  I can’t wait til he hits the stage!