Do you remember last year when there was a huge fire at Griffith Park that burnt down part of Universal Studios Hollywood? Well, there is a ride at Universal Studios that takes visitors through the back lot, and part of the ride encounters the character King Kong. Well, unfortunately for Kong the ride was destroyed by the fire, but that may have worked out to our benefit. During the Comic-Con panel with Peter Jackson and James Cameron,  Jackson revealed that he is currently working with Universal to bring back that part of the ride and it sounds like it will be better than ever!

The ride will include a format where King Kong will be fighting against another creature, and it will be far more interactive than ever before. The ride will be in 3D (of course) and will also incorporate smells and movement to make the patrons feel like they are in the middle of an epic battle. The plan is for Kong to be open for business by next summer. This ride might actually encourage me to go back to Universal Studios. I wonder how it will turn out?

What do you think about the 3D return of Kong at Universal Studios?