Hermoine- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

updatewe are pretty sure We are now positive this is a hoax, we’ve spoken to Emma’s publicist who in no uncertain terms clarified she is alive and kicking.  Seems this was a hoak started by the infamous member’s of 4chan – You can now go back to enjoying our  Comic Con 2009 coverage instead…


Pretty sure this is a big fat f-ing rumor. I wouldn’t even write anything up about this because I’m 99% positive it’s fake, but there are whispers around the web and just in case I thought we should mention it. The rumor is that Emma Watson, better known from the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger was killed in  car accident last night. The reported  started by YouTube via the website vmecritical.com (which I recommend not visiting unless you want to be spammed for life.

Here is what they reported…

Emma Watson dies on scene of fatal car collision
1 hour ago

Los Angeles, CA- Millions are in shock after Emma Watson died overnight in a car crash. The 19 year-old actress, most famous for her roles in the Harry Potter films, was killed while being driven back to hotel after a screening of her latest movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when a car collided with her vehicle. Watson is reported to have died at the scene. Her relatives have so far refused to comment, only quoting that they are ‘too distraught’ to speak with the media.

Police are questioning witnesses about two men who reportedly fled the scene following the crash. The two men are said to be in their early twenties, one caucasian and the other hispanic. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities immediately.”

What do you think? I smell big fat rumor bullshit. Can anyone send me a reliable news source that has confirmed or denied?