CC Costumes 7

** Update: You can view our next batch of costume photos when you check out the Comic-Con costumes from day 3. There are a few goodies in that spread that I think you might enjoy. You can also have your vote on who was dressed the best by taking our “Who had the best costume?” poll. Sound off on who you think put the most effort into their outfit!

The one thing that automatically comes to mind when you think of Comic-Con are the crazy costumes. Seriously, it’s like  Halloween in July for a lot of people, and they are not shy about it. I have never encountered a group of people who are so willing to take photos for total strangers; they absolutely love it! Here are some pictures that I gathered from the first day. They are all definitely themed towards the daily panels; I saw a bunch of Avatar costumes, some from Alice in Wonderland, bloody things, the normal Star Wars geeks, and everything in between.

Check out the gallery below…

If you went to Comic-Con, would you dress up? If so, as what?