We posted videos of the New Moon fans waiting in line at 5am at Comic-Con waiting for their turn to see Robert Pattinson in the flesh, Twilight addicts screaming their lungs out once they finally got their chance, and even a Taylor Lautner talking about his transformation in the Twilight press conference — but now check out who these people are that were willing to do this. It wasn’t just young girls, but all different types of people. From the true film fans to team Cullen, all of them gave up a nights sleep to sit on the the lawn outside of the Convention hall to be the first ones into Hall H in order to see the New Moon cast.

Check out the interviews below including the person who was FIRST in line out of probably 10,000+ people to see the film…

Michelle (4:30a.m)

Team Cullen (1p.m. the day before):

The girls who “partied” with Pattinson once:

The FIRST person (or group of people) in line: