***Update: In a press conference with Gary Oldman who just commented on what he said earlier “I’ve said a lot, I’ve been a very naughty boy today…” Which leads me to believe that what he’s said is true. He didn’t say I shouldn’t have said that or that it wasn’t true. So apparently what’s below is true!***

***2nd Update:  Video of this announcement added after the jump!***

Right now, I am sitting in the Warner Brothers panel at Comic-Con. So far, they have showed us some pretty cool clips, trailers, and had some interesting questions and answers. However, the most exciting bit of news came from the wonderful Gary Oldman who just revealed news about the release and production of the next Batman movie! We have yet to hear any confirmations about it, but apparently it’s in the works, with or without Nolan.

Check out his quote after the jump!

“We start shooting next year, so we are at least two years away. But you didn’t hear it from me!”

Let me tell you, the crowed went absolutely nuts after hearing the news. We all know Nolan is crazy at work with Inception and there is no way that he’ll be able to stop production on one film to start on another.

Directly after he made the statement they ended the panel and he got up and said, “You didn’t hear it from me” knowing very well that whatever he said would be blowing up all over the Internet.

Is he just messing with us? There seems to be more rumors about Batman than just about any other movie out there. Oldman revealed just enough information to kind of wet our appetite, but really nothing more than that. Hopefully we will hear more about the next film soon!

What do you think?