Here at Comic-Con, there’s no shortage of Twilight madness. Many people stood in line overnight to hear bits of news regarding the upcoming vampire sequel, New Moon. The recording is slightly hard to hear (there is so much noise with people walking around), but I was able to hear enough of what the stars, more like Taylor Lautner, had to say.

Check out what Taylor said at the press conference for New Moon after the jump.

The experience of Comic-Con:

TL: I think this is awesome. It is really an opportunity to come out and thank our fans for everything they have done for us and Twilight. We are so thankful for them.

The pressure felt to please their fans:

TL: There are definitely a lot of fans who separate into separate teams. Sometimes it gets me a little nervous because I try to live up to the fans’ expectations and I try to represent “Team Jacob”‘ in the right way. I try not to disappoint them! That is why I work so hard to, not only mentally and emotionally, but physically change for this role. I have a lot of competition and it took a lot of hard work.

Here is a bit of what you can expect to see in Twilight: New Moon and how it differs from Twilight.

TL: I thought they did a pretty good job with the wolf transformation. I am excited that there are werewolves involved now because the werewolves definitely step up the action in the movie. There is double the action in this movie, than there was before. Now there is a a different dynamic, it is not just this romance between a human girl and a vampire, but it is the beginning of a love triangle. It is exciting.

KS: The tone and pacing of this one is much different.

Favorite scenes:

TL: I have a lot of them. This is a really difficult question for me. I like a lot of the action scenes that I get to do. I had a lot of fun with those. There was a scene that I thought was kind of cute. It is the scene where I walk her to her door and I say good bye to her. I am going off to fight in the woods and she is worried for me. So I thought that was kind of cute, but I also like the break-up scene.

KS: He gets to do back flips in them. I like the break-up scene too; it is my favorite scene. It is essentially a break-up scene because he tells her they can’t be friends anymore and he is transforming.

And what never to ask him again!

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