All the press were quite eager to speak to Director Tim Burton at Comic-Con, especially after just seeing (three times in a row) the amazing and trippy sneak peak of Alice in Wonderland. I will have the entire interview soon, but I thought you might be interested in this little tidbit about what he’ll be up to when he’s done with Alice. It might be going a little far to say that he confirmed Dark Shadows will actually be happening, it was more like he agreed to wanting to do it and that others are one board, but he has to finish Alice before he can think of anything else.

Check out what he said below…

Can you dispel the rumors that you’re working on Dark Shadows?

Dispel the rumor? Well, that’s the plan. Yeah.

Is that going to happen next?

Yeah, if I ever finish this one. That’s the problem. It’s hard to think beyond this at the moment because there so much to do still.