***Update: If you’d like to see more New Moon centered videos, you can check out the footage from our New Moon fan interviews. These guys take this franchise seriously! They waited in line overnight to attend the Summit Entertainment panel, it’s kind of disturbing.

Check out some videos from today’s discussion panel at Comic-Con featuring the cast of the new Twilight movie, New Moon.

Videos below the jump…

6,000 fans lose their shit for Robert Pattinson’s entrance to the ‘Con.

Robert Pattinson responds to the question, “did you ever think you would get this famous?”

Kristen Stewart discusses Bella’s selfishness, which is her only real character trait, as far as I can tell.

Robert Pattison is finally saying what we’re all thinkin… well actually, he’s responding to a question about whether or not he’ll ever perform music at an open mic ever again.