Updated: A few new photos from the Kick-Ass panel presentation have been uploaded. Check them out after the jump!

6:24: Once again director Matthew Vaughn, shows another clip but this time it’s a montage of scenes from the second and third act of Kick-Ass. Believe me when I say, this film looks amazing!!

6:21: The film’s cast just got a standing ovation after seeing another scene from the film where Chloe Moretz takes out an entire apartment full of bad guys. The actress just came out and everyone is going crazy!

6:14: They just showed another scene where Kick-Ass gets stabbed and hit by a car! That’s a lot to take. Poor guy.

6:10: Vaughn introduces another clip featuring Nicolas Cage as he teaches his 11 year old daughter how to take a bullet to the chest (with a vest of course).

6:08: Vaughn introduces the screenwriter Jane Goldman, producers Mark Miller and John Romita, and actors Clark Duke and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

6:06: Vaughn introduces a clip from the film that features a group of teens having a conversation about why there aren’t any real superheroes in the world.

6:04: Matthew Vaughn was just introduced. He tells the audience if we give the film a thumbs up he gets a distribution deal, but if we don’t then he’s fucked! At least he’s honest.

Here’s a few photos of the cast and crew during the panel presentation.

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