Comic-Con District 9

****Update: If you’re looking for a serious District 9 fix we thoroughly covered the film at this year’s convention. Check out an interview with director Neill Blomkamp with accompanying video, as well as the press conference interview with star Sharlto Copley and producer Peter Jackson. These three also attended the Sony Panel presentation, which turned out to be a real treat for the fans.

We have finally arrived at Comic-Con in San Diego, and we were welcomed by Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 promotional truck. They have what looks like an armored truck parked outside of the Convention Center, covered with an ad that says, “Warning: Public Roads for Humans Only.” It even comes with it’s own security guard (who wouldn’t let us take a picture of him)! I don’t know what person would steal it… Anyway, this evening we will be attending the Comic-Con preview night, and we’ll be back with more updates and photos for you. Stay tuned…..