Kill Bill star Uma Thurman is about to take part in another fight, but this time a sword won’t be her weapon of choice. According to Variety, the actress will star in the indie drama Girl Soldier. It’s a film based on the 2004 book “Stolen Angels,” which was written by Kathy Cook.  Thurman will star as “a cleric who helped rescue 140 schoolgirls abducted in Uganda.”

“Stolen Angels” takes place in 1996 and focuses on the raid of a boarding school, where young girls were kidnapped by rebels. Their intention was to turn them into prostitutes, sex slaves, and soldiers. One of the teachers at the school, Sister Caroline managed to track down the invaders base camp, and asked for the girls’ release. Over 100 girls were returned to her, and this sparked a revolution to stop not only the trafficking of children in Uganda, but all over the world. Sister Caroline involved the United Nations, The Pope, and even parents to help with her crusade over the next few years.

According to Thurman, “This is a film that had to get made,” Thurman said. “It’s beyond me that in this day and age the exploitation of child soldiers goes virtually unnoticed and unchecked by Western media.” I totally agree. There are so many disturbing things being done to children all over the world, including the U.S. Girl Soldier’s screenplay is written by Stephanie Pinola and Karen Croner.

This sounds like a good dramatic piece for Thurman. I think she’s come a long way as an actress. In her early days she was known for being just a sexy screen presence, but I’m happy that she’s grown into a talented and formidable actress. This could be great for her career.

What do you think about Uma Thurman taking on such a dramatic role in Girl Soldiers?