Australian actor Sam Worthington has got a new gig! According to THR, the Terminator Salvation alum is attached to star in The Candidate. It’s an American remake (no surprise there) of the Danish film of the same name. Summit Entertainment has picked up the rights to remake the film for domestic audiences. The film’s original producers Peter Bose and Jonas Allen of Miso Film, will be on board as executive producers.

The Candidate centers on “a defense attorney goes on the hunt for a group of blackmailers when he is suddenly accused of murder.” As you may have guessed, Worthington will play the lead in the film, which is being described as “a nothing-is-what-it-seems fantasia reminiscent of David Fincher’s “The Game.” The mystery ends up tying back into the suspicious death of the lawyer’s father.” The screenplay was written by Stefan Jaworski, and might have Worthington on board as a producer.The original Candidate debuted in Danish theaters last fall, but has yet to find an American distributor.

Worthington can be seen in two major studio releases, James Cameron‘s Avatar, and Clash of the Titans from Louis Leterrier. The Candidate seems like a smaller, more character driven film, which is much more reflective of his earlier work. I wouldn’t want to see him get typecast as the “epic hero” in every film he does. Sure those movies make a lot of money, but you’ve got to do something different. Also, is it just me or does The Candidate sound like a John Grisham novel?

What do you think about Sam Worhtington starring in The Candidate?