I am seriously confused as to how this movie is still going strong. Yesterday we reported that Green Hornet writer and star Seth Rogen felt very optimistic about the film’s future. He hasn’t been swayed by the unfortunate events surrounding Stephen Chow’s (Kato) exit. In other news it’s been speculated that actress Cameron Diaz is in early negotiations to star in the film. If that wasn’t enough according to Variety, Oscar winner Nicolas Cage may join the cast as well.

The trade is reporting that Nicolas Cage is in early talks with Columbia Pictures to star as the “gangster villain” in Green Hornet, while Cameron Diaz is up for the part of the female love interest. Even though Chow’s replacement has yet to be found, the studio is still looking to start production on the film this fall. Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg wrote the script, which Michel Gondry is directing.

Cage just wrapped filming on the fantasy project The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and can next be seen in the remake of Bad Lieutenant. I can definitely see Cage playing the “stereotypical” gangster role, but I miss his old school performances. In recent year’s his films haven’t been doing it for me. I want to see him in a nicely written dramatic piece again.

What do you think about Nicolas Cage joining Green Hornet?