We have seen some visual progress from Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro‘s adaptation of The Hobbit. If you were kind of bummed about the fact that they won’t be announcing any casting at this year’s Comic Con, at least we know they’ve started production design. Over at ComingSoon, they’ve published a photo of the rebuilding of the Hobbiton. It was previously featured in the Lord of the Rings (above) films, and of course it will be back for The Hobbit.

Check out the photo after the jump.


It looks like they’re getting things started faster than Jackson and del Toro are letting on. The Hobbit is set to hit theaters in 2011, and the scale of the film is expected to be massive, so I’m not surprised that they’re already on the ball.

What do you think about the rebuilding of the Hobbiton? Does it make you more excited about the movie?