In my opinion the entire development of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Green Hornet has been a disaster. The film’s release date has gotten the shuffle treatment several times, and one of its main stars have dropped out. So in the recent wake of Stephen Chow’s exit as Kato, people are wondering what the hell is going on over there. Over at First Showing, they’ve gotten several updates regarding the films status, including some choice words from it’s lead actor, Rogen.

Rumors have been swirling that this movie is dead in the water, but Rogen is stating the exact opposite. “We’re building sets,” Rogen says. “There’s more people working on the film every day! They traditionally don’t spend millions and millions of dollars on movies that are dead.” Even though that is true, you can’t deny the problems that have been surrounding this film from day one. Mostly, the animosity stems from fans of the old TV series, and the late great Bruce Lee. The character of Kato is sacred to some people being that it was the role that exposed Lee to a larger American audience. Now that Chow is out we’re kind of wondering what’s next?

“In my head, we lost Stephen Chow in April, so it’s something I’ve had a lot of time to wrap my head around.” They’re currently meeting with “many, many people from all over the globe” to find a replacement Kato.

As you can see they’re attempting to make this film work, regardless of the roadblocks put in it’s way. Rogen is excited to be working with director Michel Gondry, who is mostly known for his visually awkward, but still innovative filmmaking.

“We’re encouraging him to make it as visually exciting and inventive as anything anyone has ever seen. We’re fans of these types of movies when they’re done well. We think that we can handle the story and the script and the dialogue, but we know nothing about cameras and lights and fancy ways of making things look amazing. And that’s what he’s better at than anyone in the world pretty much. So we’re encouraging him to really go for it.”

So what do you people think? Should they keep going with this thing or what? This isn’t the first time a movie production has lost cast members and directors. Both happened during the filming of The Wizard of Oz, but then again…..that was the Wizard of Oz, this is Green Hornet.

What do you think about Green Hornet still moving forward? Should everyone just stop while they’re ahead?