The Comic-Con news never ends. Stan Lee is a legend in the comic genre and he will be attending this year’s convention to promote his latest creation, Time Jumper. According to Yahoo News, Lee describes it as a “digital comic book-style thriller.” Time Jumper debuts Thursday, July 23rd, at a panel hosted by the creator. The latest news surrounding the project has to do with the casting of actress Natasha Henstridge as the voice of it’s main villain.

As you can tell this isn’t your typical comic. Time Jumper will be a digital comic distributed by Disney via cell phones and the internet. The story will be covered in 10 five to eight minute episodes, that will be released every two weeks starting in December. Henstridge will star as Vyle, the female lead in the series. In typical Stan Lee fashion he will also make a cameo appearance in the role of Lee Excelsior, CEO of H.U.N.T.

Since Lee has had his hand in almost every successful comic franchise Marvel has to offer, it’s no wonder he has decided to go a different route.”‘Time Jumper’ is a little bit different than anything that I have done before,” Lee said. “We think it is a brand new concept and something that could really be a winner.” Below is a short description of the comic’s story.

“Jumper” follows Terry Dixon, a college student in possession of his late father’s time-travel invention, the Articulus. After his brother goes missing, Dixon is recruited by H.U.N.T. (Heroes United, Noble and True), a secret crime-fighting unit that sends him through time to thwart Charity Vile, leader of the criminal cartel, C.U.L.T. (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists).

Hmm, sounds interesting.

What do you think of Stan Lee’s latest comic project?