Leonardo Dicaprio‘s obsession with the vintage TV series The Twilight Zone, has taken one step closer to becoming the feature film of his dreams. DiCaprio and his production company Appian Way have been trying to create a new big screen adaptation of the cult series from the sixties. According to Variety, a writer has been tapped to pen the screenplay for the film and it’s Rand Ravich.

Rand Ravich, is the writer and director of the upcoming film, The Astronauts Wife. He also helped produce the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. He’s obviously no stranger to science fiction or fantasy so The Twilight Zone is right up his alley. The popular TV series has already had several remakes, sequels, and reboots in it’s fifty year history. There were two reboots of the show that debuted in 1985 and 2002 respectively. The 2002 version was hosted and narrated by future Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. There was also a previous film version that debuted in theaters in 1983, and featured segments directed by Steven Spielberg and John Landis.

I feel excited about DiCaprio’s Twilight Zone. I’m not typically a fan of remakes, but if they stick to the original format of the series it may have a shot. He could get some of the most talked about directors out there to do various segments. There are so many notable horror directors on the indie circuit, that I think could really do something amazing with this material.

What do you think about Rand Ravich being hired as the writer for The Twilight Zone? Who do you think should come on board to direct?