We have the lucky winners of the Coraline DVD giveaway! We asked you to tell us what you would like to find in your “other world.” Let’s see if your world is worthy enough.


  • jackie – “In my other world I am rich and my house would be pink I’d win this beautiful contest and also live my dream on being an actress and my parents would never tell me that I am never gonna be an actress.”
  • Jimlet – “All people would be dogs, and the country would be much better run place. And leaders would be chosen by the “sniffing method” instead of elections, which would result in much more competent leadership. Food would be free and available on every street corner in big bowls (with plenty of water). And Danny Elfman would do the soundtrack, playing over loudspeakers.”

The winners will receive one copy the Coraline DVD. Thanks for playing, everyone! You will be sent an e-mail shortly, so please respond ASAP with a shipping address so we can get these out to you!

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