12:47: The moderator thanks the cast and producers for coming out, and the the actors take a few photo ops. As usual Robert LOVES the camera, but not in an arrogant way. He’s just a ham! Check out the photos after the jump below!

12:43: Did you pull from the books for the movie?: “The setting is from the books, but the actual narrative is unique to the movie. Lionel came up with it to sell it to the studios. The idea comes from the books and there is stuff he referred to in the books.”

12:40: What did you find the most challenging about your roles?: Downey: “This is how sick I am, I don’t think anything can be too challenging. I have an illness of too much confidence. The challenging thing was the controlled chaos of the set. It was British so it was a very civilized chaos.”

12:38: How much did you use from the books as reference for the movie and how you played the roles?: McAdams: “I combed over the ten pages Irene was in over and over again.”

Robert Downey Jr - Rachel McAdams Comic-Con 2009

12:33: What was it like working with Jude Law’s mustache?” “This is the question we have all been waiting for. We didn’t really get along. Actually, he has the best ‘stache ever! That guy knows how to rock a ‘tache!”

12:29: Q&A begins:  “What was it like to be involved in such a period piece. How did you do the role of Sherlock justice?” Downey Jr. “Lionel had been trying to garnish some interest in Sherlock. When people started to see it in a different light, they got excited about it. We knew it had to be done in the period and roll up our sleeves to do Sherlock justice. We worked our asses off. We took it really, really seriously and that’s why we are so proud of it.”

12:25: Silver: “Downey is really genius in his role, he’s genius is every role, and Jude and Rachel were amazing, and we hope you love it.” RDJ jokes about being a method actor and then says who he was misrepresented in earlier versions of him, most likely because of the times and budgets. Sounds like he has to play another role where he’s getting high, drunk, or worse. McAdam’s says about her character is great because “she’s different than other women of her time…she beats Sherlock at his own game and it’s the first time a woman has ever done that and they develop a unique love affair in which they outdo one another all the time.”

12:22: Just saw the scene, more like the trailer we’ve already seen on steroids. Lots of nearly falling off bridges, explosions and the lot. There is a really cool fight scene which explains the scene and then does it. The producers Joel Silver and Susan Downey just walked on stage, Rachel McAdams and back on stage RDJ who adds “I guess that played alright.”

Robert Downey Jr at Comic Con 2009

12:13: Time for Sherlock Holmes! Robert Downey Jr. takes the stage before ANYONE else. No intro needed! As RDJ keeps scratching his ear he as he talks about how he’s amazed they let him play Holmes and calls him the first “western martial artist.” Why was there such a delay for this getting off the ground, “casting.” So glad we have you! And McAdams and the fabulous Jude Law….

12:09: Creepy guy is asking a question again, “What was the chemistry like?” Brolin “You’re so sweet, I want to make a joke but I can’t. Want to come back on the plane with us? (he then starts to blow kisses at him and make faces). Want to go get a tattoo? Are you walking up here because I have a wife. Uh-Oh.”

12:05: Megan Fox “This is really bad-ass. Josh you were the man in this movie (then remembers) oh yeah Jennifer’s Body comes out first, go see that too.” Someone has taught her (cough…Bay) well. FirstShowing guy is back “If you could pretend to be that attracted to Jonah Hex with that make-up, could you be attracted to me?” Fox: “Yes.”

12:02: Director confirms that there are some super-natural elements but no army of zombies or anything. When asked what was the most difficult part of this film. Brolin responded that “New Orleans. Hard to get the crew on set… It looks like a 70 million film and yet we had less than half of that… This wasn’t a big paycheck by any means, it was truly for the love of insanity.” Fox keeps pursing her lips, driving me mad.

12:00: Megan Fox talks about who she plays in the film,  “I don’t know why they chose me.” Brolin “Really?” She then goes on to say that she plays “Lyla” which she thinks is the final name and then adds that she and Jonah Hex “they have a push and pull, fucked up relationship.” And then Brolin goes back to “The Goonies…” Fassbender, definitely sounds like he’s the most excited about the film “I almost got to kill Megan, I think I really should have, but they wouldn’t let me.” Sadly, the audience didn’t laugh, but they SHOULD HAVE.

Cast of Jonah Hex Comic-Con 2009

11:56: The clip is extremely graphic and really intense. Michael Fassbender, Megan Fox, and Josh Brolin all just joined the stage.  Someone yelled out “Goonies forever” and Brolin responded with “Really?” He says that he “likes that the studios were nervous about it… and I’m really happy the way it came out. Fuckin’ eh right?… Wow there’s a lot of people, that’s gnarly.”

11:50: Time for some Jonah Hex! The director Jimmy Hayward just came out on stage and he’s SWEATY and very excited. He’s introducing the scene. Just finished shooting 48 hours ago. First time ANYTHING has been seen. Be back soon.

11:49: Someone just found a poster under their seat and was given a “the box” signed by Kelly, and guess what people…. she pushed the button.

11:46: Kelly is asked what it’s like to work with such a big studio on this one: “I’m just grateful to still be working. Cameron signing onto this film saved my life. I got to do a big studio film and have a film that grosses more than $1 million at US box offices.”

11:44: Marsden adds: “I like to be able to play Cyclops and then turn around and do Hairspray.” What about starring in another Superman? “You probably know more than I do!” Then FirstShowing dude yet again gets up and hits on Diaz with silly-puddy in his ear.

11:35: Marsden talks about why he took the role, “someone dies every minute, someone just died right now.” Wow, way to depress us. Diaz adds “the film talks about who are we as a person, a society, that my head kind of went (motions to being blown away)”. Great! And then she hits of they scary stalker dude who creamed himself when he saw her in the The Mask. Where the hell is Langella?

11:32: Just saw the trailer, really insane! I can’t tell if it’s genius or completely stupid. Director Richard Kelly, Cameron Diaz, and James Marsden have all just stepped out on stage. Based off a short story “Button Button” which was originally published in  Playboy (even thought the director claims to have read it somewhere else.) triggered something in Kelly and he optioned it 6 years ago and finally figured out how to crack the story. They had to set it in 1976.

11:27: Up now. THE BOX! Director Richard Kelly is here to introduce a 4 and half minute sequence with a score for the film from band Arcade Fire.

11:24: Fuller: “The movie we’ve made is horrifying. It’s terrifying and different from all of our other movies.” If you do say so yourself. Someones got some confidence.

11:23: Who would win in a fight? Rorschach, Freddy or the guy from Little Children? The audience thinks Rorschach.

11:19: Haley, why do you always play either someone who is either a tortured child or torturing children: “That’s one way to look at it. I feel like I’m doing things that are very diverse. I used to play the tortured soul and now I’m playing to torturing soul.”

11:11: Elm Street up next! Producers on their way out. Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, and Samuel Bayer to be joined soon by Jackie Earle Haley. They just screened the new trailer. REALLY freaky! Some definite big jumps and yelps from the audience. Hayley just walked out and says “I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that you guys wanted me to play Freddy. One of the most iconic figures AFTER playing Rorschach.” (Big cheers from this crowd) Apparently “it’s scary, a little darker and this guy right here (Hayley) was amazing.” Fuller adds “This isn’t an origins story, we’re basing our own mythology based off Wes Craven’s story.

11:10: Gary is asked about always playing the bad guy and responds with: “I guess those are the ones they remember you by. It really is what comes through the letterbox. If I see I can do something with it, then I’m in. ” When is the next Batman?” “We start shooting next year so we’re at least 2 years away.”

11:08: Denzel talks about how he worked on the film for a long time. He put in six months of training into the film and did ALL his own fights. Who says he’s too old for stunts!

11:05: When asked what the chemistry was like on set they started talking about accents and Oldman responded by saying: “Sometimes when I’m doing scenes, sometimes I do it in an English accent, African-American slang, or as a Thespian. You know like good sex!”

11:00: According to Allen the film “takes place 30 years in the future, there’s been a major war. Denzel’s character Eli is on a mission. Gary wants something that he has.” Gary chimes in,”And I want it badly.” Denzel says, “Hence the problem.” Denzel adds ” We shot the movie in New Mexico.” Guy in the audience yelled out “You’re the man Denzel” and he responded “My nigga!” Gary Oldman was asked about why he took the role and he said: “I read the script, met with Allen and Albert, and I’m a fan of Denzel.”

Book of Eli- Comic-Con 2009

10:56: We just saw the official teaser trailer for the film, and it looks amazing! The Book of Eli cast; Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington are now on stage.

10:53: Allen and Albert Hughes have just come the stage after they showed a video intro to the graphic novel Billy, which ended with a live action shot of Gary Oldman laughing maniacally like only he can.

10:47: They just showed five scenes including an intro to the character Carol (voiced by James Gandolfini), the character KW and a lot of the amazing special effects, ranging from the dessert to the oceans and the amazing fort that they built.

10:33: Max Records just came out! He’s the young star of the film, and his reaction is “Wow, these are a lot of people.”

10:29: It’s Warner Bros time! First thing up is Where the Wild Things Are! Here’s a short video with author Maurice Sendak (author) and Spike Jonze. In the clip, Sendak said, “He’s impressed me very much.” He’s done it like me. The movie takes nothing but enhances my book. Jonze is not afraid of himself as an artist.”

10:27: They are going to give out tickets to audience members that will allow them to get free items from the Warner Bros booth! Nice marketing! Give out free stuff!

10:25: The director of programming has just stepped on to the floor to make some general announcements. Yay (sarcasm)!

10:23: They must have heard me! Some random guy just came on the stage and said, “Hey guys, we’re going to start in a few minutes.”He must have known I was getting restless.

10:23: We’re still waiting for the panel to start, what’s the deal people?

10:17 am: We’re here at day two of Comic-Con 2009! Once again we’re sitting in Hall H at the Convention Center waiting for the Warner Bros panel to start. They just flashed the WB logo on the screen and the crowd cheered. Woo hoo!

On Friday, Warner Bros will roll out the big guns for it’s upcoming sci-fi, comic based film panel. The WB is one of the major studios that everyone, who’s anyone is expecting to make a huge impression at this year’s Comic-Con. We will see a presentation on Spike Jonzes adaptation of the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, as well as the remake of Wes Craven’s 1984 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.

More panel info after the jump!

Cameron Diaz‘s upcoming thriller The Box will also be promoted this year, and so will the comic adaptation of Jonah Hex starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. Guy Ritchie‘s take on Sherlock Holmes will also be front and center at this year’s panel, with Robert Downey, Jr. as the latest actor to step into the famous character’s shoes. Expect up to date news, photos, and video footage from the presentation as we will be live blogging the entire time.

The Warner Bros panel will be at 10:00am – 12:30pm on Friday, July 24th.

Check back here for all the latest updates and Comic-Con info, or you can visit our ScreenCrave Twitter account which will also give you the latest in breaking news. Stay tuned for more!