5:09: The film was shot for $30 million, enough to get it done, but made for fans without the pressure from studios and such. Jackson: “Gave him the ability to just go crazy.”

4:59: Peter Jackson admits to the possibility of getting back into the low budget horror/thriller film while The Hobbit is being made.

4:55: A standing joke on set was Sharlto saying “when will the fame begin.” He doesn’t seem like that is something he is in any way interested in. His first day on set he spent naked in a set with a sack on his sack.

4:53: Sharlto, what was it like carrying this film on your back being un-experienced. Sharlto: “Not really, but I’ve been a filmmakers since a very young age and made a lot of films that I was always putting myself and my friends in films…I never felt nervous or stressed… the weird thing was Peter Jackson saying come and back it. It was inspiring and humbling at the same time.”

4:45: Wow. Just saw the clip. Absolutely amazing. Neill talks about how he likes Sci-Fi that “looks real and is as realistic and grounded as possible.”

4:39: Clip didn’t work! We’re not the only one with technical difficulties! So now they’re talking about how Peter and Neill were supposed to make a film for Halo, and how that fell through and so District 9 came about. We’ll give you the details soon!

4:34: Before he brings our the lead actor Sharlto he gives him a HUGE pat on the back and said that he was able to improvise on this incredibly huge movie and “when you see the movie, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by his performance.” And now Neill Blomkamp who he says “if anyone was born to make movies, it was Neill.” Time to see 7 minutes of the film, which we’re told represents the film as a whole, let’s see…

4:29: Peter Jackson now on stage and talking about the Hobbit. As we know from the press conference, we ain’t getting nothing about casting, BUT as you’ll hear soon from our press conference, they’re about 3-4 weeks ago from submitting their first script, then get it accepted, then figure out how much it’s going to cost, etc. etc. “So drop WB a line to say that you want to greenlite it!” They WILL BE doing two films.

District 9 on it’s way! Peter Jackson about to walk out.

4:28: Tyrese jumped back on stage to announce that Legion is coming out January 22nd and “thank you for making Transformers #1 around the world…” and now he has his own comic-book Mayhem that’s his. Or follow him on Twitter at: Tyrese4Real

4:25: The just showed an image of another film PRIEST again with Paul bettany. They start shooting on August 24th.

4:21: Jesus person here to ask a question. Uh-oh. Apparently she wants to know how he was able not to laugh when doing CG? Hmmmm… interesting question. Doug Jones makes a joke about how he had forgot his face that day, so it was very hard. And then special effects took the rest away. Now another girl asks Doug Jones what it’s like to act “naked” (ie without makeup). He says it’s the different between “walking out between your speedo or a sweater, once I got to the pool I was okay.” Now everyone is teasing him about wearing speedos on set.

4:19: The tattoos on Paul are part of the language in the film and do reveal something bigger.

4:18: Question time! How does religion play into the movies: The director states “It’s not a religious picture. More like angels with machine guns.”

4:16: In this end of the world film, where would the devil be with all the black angels on earth? Director “you only need the flood you don’t need the devil…”

4:13: Bettany says he got tricked into the film because it was a small romantic comedy… He’s been looking to break out, not be a bad guy, and do something hardcore. The Director said after the first time he got to shoot a gun he said, “I was in the Royal Shakespeare company but this is why I wanted to be an actor!”

4:10: Tyrese seems to be more excited than the audience. Looking for his applause. He been promoting his own comic book. He talks about how these end of the world films do something for him (maybe because of the action?) His character is Kyle Williams with “a complex back-story who happens to pull over at a restaurant and get caught up in the baby drama.” Tyrese then decides to introduce Paul Bettany who gets more cheers than Tyrese.

4:09: Doug Jones, Tyrese, Paul Bettany, the Director are all on stage. Doug Jones is talking about how he finally gets to be in a film without a mask! “Bless his heart for letting me get on screen in front of you without makeup on my face!”

4:08: Just saw the footage for Legion, who the hell saw that one coming! Really intense, weird (in an awesome way), and looks great!

Sony Pictures won’t be pulling any punches this year when they unveil their presentation at  Comic-Con. The studio panel will showcase some of the biggest upcoming films from the brand including Legion and the Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson collaboration, District 9. Legion director Scott Stewart will make an appearance in promotion of the film along with co-stars Paul Bettany, Tyrese Gibson, and Doug Jones.

The District 9 presentation will be led by Jackson and Blomkamp as they debut some exclusive scenes from the sci-fi film. The movie’s lead actor Sharlto Copley along with the director and producer will be taking questions from the audience, and we’ll definitely make sure we ask the good ones!

The Sony Entertainment panel will take place on Friday, July 24 from 3:45 – 5:00 pm.

For all the latest updates you can visit our official ScreenCrave Twitter account, as well as ScreenCrave.com for live blogs, video, and exclusive photos from the panel.