2:48: It’s over! They just walked off the stage. After watching all these clips I feel like my eyes have been visually raped, but in a good way…if that’s possible.

2:43: A fan asked why Miyazaki mostly chooses females as the protagonists in his movies and he said, “Because women are strong and beautiful!” That’s right, ha!

2:42: Miyazaki was asked about where the inspiration for his films comes from, but he said he wish he could remember how he comes out with these crazy stories. Then he just smiled and bowed his head. This guy is hilarious.

2:41: At the Pacific Gaslamp theater tonight, Miyazaki will personally introduce the feature length presentation of Ponyo to the audience.

2:35: Oh wait, Patton Oswalt has returned to moderate. No surprise there. Get out of here Remy!

2:33: WOW! This man is amazing! The Comic-Con International Ink Pot Award is being given to both Jon Lasseter and Mr. Miyazaki!!

2:26: He’s brought us a clip from Ponyo. I’m starting to notice that Mr. Miyazaki has a good sense of humor, even through his interpreter!

2:21: When asked about the colors in his films: “I wanted to make it a simple story and show simplicity through the colors.” The main character in the film is red, so he didn’t want them to overpower the other characters.

2:20: He came up with the idea of Ponyo, the little boy picks up a frog, but I couldn’t work out a good character for a frog so I turned it into a goldfish. I think I was lucky, it was good I turned it into a gold fish. We just saw a film about a frog.”

2:19: I think working on the storyboard alone is a custom that we have in Japan in terms of animation. It’s not just I that works that way, but since I’m slow it seems like i’m working on the storyboard all the time.

2:18: He describes his storyboarding process as “thinking, thinking, and thinking. If you have a better way please let me know.”

2:15: Hayao Miyasaki is getting introduced!!! The crowd is going insane! He’s getting a standing ovation. I can barely see him! This is amazing!

2:09: Poor Prince Naveen, we just watched how and why he turned into a frog. The song portion of it reminded me of the “Never had a Friend like me” sequence in Aladdin. I like it!

2:03: They are about to show us 8 minutes of footage featuring the song “Friends on the Other Side,” by Randy Newman!

2:00: Randy Newman has done seven songs on the soundtrack. They’re also putting a big emphasis on Disney’s return to hand drawn animation. This panel is making me want to run home and crack open some of my oldies but goodies.

1:57: The director of Aladdin and the Little Mermaid, discusses The Princess and the Frog. “Our story is set many years ago in the twenties.” It takes place in New Orleans. “Our princess is Tiana. She’s grown up under tough circumstances.”

1:47: They showed the performance clip from Beauty in the Beast when they sing the song “Belle.” in the opening of the film.

1:43: They brought a clip!!!

1:41: My youth is back! They’re discussing Beauty and the Beast in 3-D!! The director of the film, he says, “It’s definitely not your father 2-D to 3-D transfer.It’s just going to know your socks off.”

1:40: They just showed a clip entitled “Groovin with Ken,” which introduces the character to us. It’s so funny! Good job Michael Keaton!

1:37: The entire cast has returned including the return of Barbie, and she will bring Ken with him!! He will be voiced by MICHAEL KEATON!

1:33: The director of Toy Story 3,  Lee Unkrich just came out. He said the film has been 3 years in the making.

1:32: That was cute! The films will run for 2 weeks in theaters starting October 2, 2009.

1:31: They’re premiering the first trailer for the Toy Story double feature!

1:29: John Lasseter has stepped on the stage and is talking about the production of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D, and how they’re coming out as a double feature.

1:23: They announced for everyone to put on their 3-D glasses, and we just saw the beginning of Toy Story 2. What happened to my youth?

This year at Comic-Con Disney wants to stick out and in a big way. The studio is dedicating an entire panel presentation to it’s upcoming animated features. As presented by Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, and Disney Animation Studios, we will get out first look at exclusive footage from the double feature Toy Story and Toy Story 2, as well as Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story 3, The Princess and the Frog, and Ponyo.

Some of the special guests expected to appear are Lee Unkrich, Kirk Wise, Ron Clements, John Muskar, and Hayao Miyazaki. John Lasseter will host the panel, which will once again be moderated by Patton Oswalt (he’s everywhere!). I’m personally looking forward to Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog, but that’s just me.

The Disney 3-D panel will take place on Friday, July 24 from 12:45 – 2:15 pm.

Expect plenty of live blogging with exclusive photos and video that only we can bring you! You can also keep up with our coverage by following us on our official ScreenCrave Twitter account. Keep checking back here for more updates, as we will be posting throughout the presentation.