Unknown Australian actor Xavier Samuel will be bursting into young teenagers hearts as the “newborn vampire” Riley in the third Twilight film, Eclipse.

Apparently Summit was looking for “a good-looking college student” to add to the film and instead of going with one of the many starving artists in LA, they went all the Australia to find the perfect one. According to the recent report by RiskyBusiness, in the film Riley will be “corrupted by Victoria, for whom he has an inexplicable weakness.” He will then out to murder Bella (Kristen Stewart). Sounds juicy.

The film is set to begin shooting next month in Vancouver, so I’m sure Samuel will be thrown right into the Twilight insanity.

And, as is always the case, although Samuel, may seem like fresh blood for us, he has actually being paying his dues down under for some time. He has been in numerous films including, Newcastle, in which he played a Goth teenager (sounds like he was prepping for Twilight), the period drama September and the upcoming sci-fi thriller Road Train.

What do you think of the casting decision? Do you like that they went with a nobdy?