Were you a fan of Russell Crowe‘s performance in the 2003 sea epic, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World? Apparently you’re not alone, because so was Russell Crowe! Sources are saying the Academy Award winning actor may be considering a return to the character of Jack Aubrey. The film was adapted from three books in the AubreyMaturin series, which were written by Patrick O’Brian.

Over at USAToday, they have stated that Russell Crowe is in the early stages of negotiations to star in another Aubrey film. Patrick O’Brian wrote 20 novels in his popular AubreyMaturin series, and the over abundance of material my be the reason why Crowe is still interested. The actor stated, “There’s still a long way to go.” He gave no details as to when filming would commence, but he did confirm that it was one of the projects he’s been considering.

The next film could be based on the book entitled, “The Reverse of the Medal.” The story takes place with “Aubrey in the Caribbean in his ship HMS Surprise, where he meets his illegitimate son Samuel Panda, a Catholic priest born from an illicit liaison.” The book was originally published in 1986.

I think Crowe gave a strong performance in Master and Commander so I wouldn’t mind seeing him reprise his role for another film. This isn’t like Harry Potter or Twilight where the material is limited. There are plenty of books to choose from, and I’m sure they will utilize them to their best money making ability.

Do you think Russell Crowe should return for another Master and Commander film?