Summit Comic Con

2:50: That scene was a a bit melodramatic, but what else would you expect from Twilight? The cast just smiled, and walked off the stage. That was actually quite entertaining.

2:47: There’s a scene in the book that takes place in the film, where Alice and Bella are racing to save Edward from “stepping in to the sun.” and we’re about to see it for the first time!

2:43: The cast feels more confident this time around, because they know that they have the fans behind them. Taylor felt it was great to reunite the team, and he’s really pleased with the experience.

2:42: As the film franchise has grown, Pattinson feels as if Edward has a lot less restraint in this film than the previous one. There are a lot more camera movements, and the directing style isn’t so hand held this time around.

2:39: Taylor discusses how he submerged himself in Native American culture for the role of Jacob. But he soon found out that they’re not raised that much different from him, or any other kids his age.

2:37: These fan questions are hilarious! Someone just asked Rob if playing Edward Cullen has made him stronger! He responded that” it’s just a part, so not really.”

2:32: Chris was asked if there were any injuries on set, and he said luckily he hasn’t killed anyone on any of his films yet. But he does a lot of CGI in the movie for the fight scenes, and he tends to hire people who know a lot more about action sequences than he does. He also confirms that Taylor does all of his stunts that the insurance company would allow, and Rob just stands there looking good.

2:30: The cast comments on how Chris Weitz is a great director because he keeps the set so calm. Stewart stated that Catherine Hardwicke was a fast director, and with Chris it’s a little bit more cerebral. “He made it so easy.”

2:28: Rob says he can’t wait to be involved with the C-section, when Bella has the baby.

2:25: Taylor says that he’s hype for the love triangle in this film, and Kristen Stewart says, “I can’t wait to get pregnant!”

2:19: Chris Weitz said the biggest challenge with this film was filming in Italy, because everybody knew they would be there. They’re hundreds of fans there. People applauded after every take. But the sheer logistics of getting through the fans to get to where they had to stand by the camera was hard to do. He couldn’t even go to the bathroom, because people wanted to see if he could set up a meeting with Rob.

2:18: Rob was asked it he would ever do open mic night with his music again. He said yeah, but he’s a bit of a p*ssy. But he thinks everyone should do them.

2:16: Chris Weitz jokes with Rob that the similarities that he shares with Edward are that he’s cold to the touch, and they share skin like diamond.

2:15: Kristen says her character has a lot of mood swings and isn’t ashamed of it, especially when it comes to Edward.

2:14: A woman just sang to Rob and Taylor! They look so embarrassed.

2:13: Pattinson was asked if he would ever do comedy, but he said he doesn’t think he’s particularly funny. He said the only funny thing about him is that one of his legs is shorter than the other

2:11: They just ran a new clip from New Moon, and Taylor Lautner shows a lot of skin in it. No surprise there.

2:07: Robert Pattinson said a lot of machines did the acting for him in this film, since he had to be present as a shadow in Bella’s life. He said, “they did all the work for me, just the way I like it!”

2:05: Taylor discusses Jacob Black’s transformation in the film. “I worked really hard to try and transform Jacob’s body so I could play him correctly for you guys. I hope you enjoy the results.”

2:04: Ashley Greene says she’s had a lot of fun at her first comic-con

2:03: Chris Weitz said he had been stalking Rob for 10 years and that’s why he wanted to direct New Moon. He also thought the film dealt with all the deep emotions that everyone feels. Plus, he’s been dumped so much in his life he knows what heartbreak feels like.

2:01: New Moon director Chris Weitz has hit the stage!! Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart just walked out. Taylor Lautner just came out and the audience is going insane. My ears are bleeding from Rob Pattinson’s fan girls!!

1:58: They just debuted the official trailer for the film.

1:56: They just introduced the cast from Sorority Row. Brianna Evigan describes her character as the “girl with the good morals.” Rumor Willis plays Ellie, who she says is “on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the entire film.” Audrina Patridge is a girl who gets cheated in the movie.

1:55: Astro Boy’s trailer just debuted. It was a world wide exclusive, with a few unfinished shots.

1:51: Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore have just come on to the panel. Freddie is like a foot taller than Kristen. The audience is laughing at his British accent.

1:48: The Summit Panel has officially begun! They will be previewing Astro Boy, which Samuel L. Jackson and Charlize Theron have been announced as a part of the cast!

Once you read the title “Summit Entertainment Panel,” The Twilight Saga should automatically pop into your head. Summit will premiere some never before seen footage from the upcoming sequel New Moon. Months ago we announced that there would be a panel featuring the film, and the time in finally here. The vampire franchise isn’t the only Summit property getting some attention this year. Astro Boy and Sorority Row will also have their shot in the lime light.

We don’t know the specifics about what actors will appear at the presentation but I’m pretty sure some of the main attractions will be on hand, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Something tells me New Moon will be one of the most popular panels at this year’s event. I hope I don’t get ran over by a group of 13 year old girls dressed as Emo-Goth’s!

The Summit Panel takes place from 1:45 – 2:45pm, on Thursday, July 23rd.

We will be breaking all of the latest news via our ScreenCrave Twitter, and directly after the panel wraps. Keep checking in for more updates, because if there’s one thing Comic-Con‘s known for it’s surprises.