***Update: Photos of Tron panel added***

***Update: Photos added of the Alice in Wonderland panel, including Johnny Depp’s appearance and Tim Burton***

1:30: Well there off, and now we wait for the New Moon panel!

1:26: Speaking of scary, they just showed an R-rated version of The Final Destination, and it’s so gruesome!It’s full of blood and gore. It opens in theaters on August 28th.

1:22: That clip was pretty creepy! There are some big jump scares and creepy critters. Just like Gremlins!

1:15: Joe has brought along another clip, but it’s in 2-D because it’s not finished. It’s 5 minutes and he says NO ONE has seen this footage yet.

1:13: Haley describes her character as the spunky girl next door who takes two boys under her wing. While they search for things to do in their boring town, they find a mysterious hole that gets them into all types of trouble!

1:12: Joe just introduced Haley Bennett, the girl next door in the film. She starred in the Haunting of Molly Hartley.

1:07: Joe Dante has just hit the stage people! He’ s introducing his film The Hole. He says, it’s a horror film similar to the kind he used to make in the eighties i.e. Gremlins.

12:55:- Just came back from break, and the cast of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs has just arrived! Andy Samberg and Anna Faris literally walked across the stage, waved, and walked back off! With smiles on their faces.

12:35: Jeff Bridges confirms that he is the father of Garrett Hedlund’s in the Tron sequel! But who didn’t see that coming?

12:24: Showing photos from TRON now. We get t see the world, a game in progress (you get to watch all of them at the same time – all the boards combine to eventually make one giant board.) Get to watch how they did the special effects. Real guy doing stunts called “tricking” that are absolutely amazing.

Vehicles: Updated solar vehicles from old one and new ones! Including one that can go off the grid and is extremely fast. There is also a Lightcycle- 5th generation and and older still amazing one.

12:20: Producer, Director Joseph Kosinski, Sean Bailey, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Jeff Bridges, Bridges says: “Story about a sons search for his father.” Director: “Just finished principal photography.”


12:17: Johnny Depp came out, got a HUGE standing ovation, said “Tim Burton!” everyone cheered and he left.

12:15: WAIT!!!! Johnny Depp is here….

12:14: “What was the most difficult thing to do in this movie?”

12:12: His favorite films. Bits of all of them but Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood are special.

12:11: “How did you work with actors to get them into character?” Kept it as lively as possible and as fast as possible…. green screen starts to freak you out after a while, you don’t know who you are or where you are. You just try to keep moving and grooving.:

12:10: Just got the first fan boy. Was so excited to ask a question and share his story he didn’t like Burton talk.

12:07: Just got to see a clip twice that is “ONLY FOR COM-CON”… As they say in the clip; Alice – “This is impossible.” Mad Hatter – “Only if you think it is.” Absolutely beautiful images of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. The Mad Hatter is completely mad. The Cheshire cat is completely creepy.

12:05: Safest way to do PCP, watch his film Alice. It was a short clip. Only 3o seconds or so. Going to play it again….

About to see clip! BRB!

12:01: Tim jokes that they skinned Carrot Top for The Mad Hatter’s wig. Depp enjoys having a part in the costumes (as always). As for the cat, it’s creepy, which Time says “confirms his hatred of cat” and says that Stephen Fry does the voice.

12:00: Oswald asked him why he made Alice: his answer “because of the hardcore realistic setting” and then when asked about the clips he responded with “it looks like a freak show doesn’t it?”

11:58: Tim Burton is about to come out for his first panel!

11:57:  Zemeckis was just asked about a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He said “I can neither confirm or deny” but they will be done in the original style that they once were.

11:53: Just to talk about the clip for a moment. It starts out with Carrey as the old man Grinch and ends with the class line “BAH-humbug” in a whole new way. The scenes that are scary are truly scary. This is not just a kids movie, it’s more than that. There are clips of haunted dogs with red glowing eyes. The “spirit of Christmas” is made of fire and literally explodes off the screen. There is still humor in it, but it’s a more sophisticated humor than what we’re used to for Carrey.

11:52: First question is about Jim Carrey being serious or funny. Robert responded that he may come off as funny “but no one is winking at the camera.”

11:50: Patton is a bit too much. Teasing Comic-Coners about being nerds.

11:49: Just saw the first clip. Really intense. Everyone oohed and aahed. The clip was amazingly cool but terrifying. As he just said “It’s a ghost story!”

11:38: About to show the first clip from A Christmas Carol!! The audience is literally responding with “oohs and ahhs.”

11:35: Explaining the phrases “dead eyes,” and “uncanny valley.”

11:31: Robert Zemeckis just came on stage and says that 3-D films are the future.

11:28: Patton Oswalt has just come out as the host of the Disney 3-D panel. He’s making a couple of jokes.

11:26: They’re doing a few announcements about returning our 3-D glasses, and updates made at the center. Yay (sarcasm)!

11:24: They just dimmed the lights!! People are starting to clap! The room has gone completely dark!!

11:21: They want people in their seats ASAP! It seems as if we’re reaching capacity for this thing.

11:18: Half the line got in. They won’t allow us to record any video footage from any of the film’s shown, but we’ll see what we can do.

11:10 am: We’ve arrived at Hall H inside the San Diego Convention Center. It’s packed and we’re waiting for the presentation to start. So many people, so little time!

The first day of San Diego’s Comic-Con has many worthwhile presentations, the first of which is an early look at the Disney’s upcoming 3-D films panel. It will feature some of the most anticipated films with CGI, live action, stop-motion, and of course 3-D material. Exclusive footage of Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol and Tron will be screened for the audience in attendance followed by special guests which include filmmakers Robert Zemeckis, Tim Burton, Sean Bailey, and Steve Lisberger. In an interesting twist the moderator of this panel is actor/comedian Patton Oswalt, who saw that one coming?

The panel will be from 11:00am-12:30pm on Thursday the 23rd.

We’ll be reporting from the event via our ScreenCrave Twitter and directly after the event. Check back here for more updates to see what else Disney has up their sleeve. Well have videos, photos and a whole lot to say…

Photos from Alice in Wonderland panel…





Pictures from Tron panel…