4:18: It’s over! Check in later for the full rundown.

4:17: Cameron: On August 21, for global audience we will be screening 15 minutes of Avatar for free, as a part of Avatar Day.

4:15: Cameron: The Na’vi represent a higher version of ourselves, and the actual humans in the film represent the worse.

4:12: Saldana: Said that her and Sam Worthington, began during the auditioning process. When they read their lines together in front of Cameron, the director allowed them to do whatever they wanted. She was surprised at how free he allowed them to be.


4:10: Sigourney Weaver said,  One of the things that moved her the most about Dr. Augustine, is that she’s given everything in her life to understand the way of the Na’vi culture.

4:06: Any plans for Arnold Schwarzenegger? He’s actually considering it! He says it’s a possibility, but “he [Arnold] likes press conferences himself so I’ll let him announce it.

4:05: Stephen Lang: “The preparation seemed clear, but in the contest in this world… I found him very moving for what he lacked.” And now, opening it up to the floor…

4:01: Saldana: “You have to take Jim seriously…. she told Jim ‘you’re going to push me until I drop’ and he said ‘ok’…. he credited these two little monsters in Sam and I.” She speaks the language of the Avatars in the film which she said was more difficult to do when speaking English with the accent.

3:58pm: Zoe Saldana has just stepped out. Has a prepared speech and talks about her character who hates the human race but learns to love Jake. Sam Worthington couldn’t make it because we was shooting in Whales, but he sent in a recorded message “unlike anything I’ve done before, and it was an honor to work with Jim…. this is an incredible movie and I hope you enjoyed your clip.”

3:53pm: Cameron just said “people ask what I’ve been doing for the past 12 years, this is what I’ve been doing.” Then he brought out John Landon and Stehpen Lang, who is one bad-ass mother fucker told us everything and nothing, and Sigourney Weaver who said “this is the movie we’ve been waiting for.”

3:52pm: Will write a full write up later, but that was like seeing Jurassic Park for the first time on Acid.

3:28pm: About to see 26 minutes…

3:26: James Cameron talks about the fact that he makes film because he loves them: “This film has been made for that 14-year-old boy who is still very alive and well in the back of my mind”

3:22pm: Time for AVATAR and PANDORUM! First ever footage on it’s way!

3:16: Sitting in Hall H waiting for Fox panel to start. It’s so sad to see how empty it is compared to when the Twilight-ers were here…

This has to be the most hyped Comic-Con panel of the year! James Cameron will be presenting the first glimpse of live action footage from his sci-fi, 3-D epic Avatar. Co-produced by 20th Century Fox, Avatar is the first scripted feature film that Cameron has directed since 1997′s Titanic. Yes people that was 12 years ago, so this film has been a long time coming. At the panel the director will be joined by producer Jon Landau, and various cast members at the presentation. My bet is that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will make an appearance at some point.

The Avatar panel will take place on Thursday, July 23rd from 3:00- 4:30pm.

You can find all the latest news from the event by following our ScreenCrave Twitter account, and checking back here for regular updates. We’ll be posting photos, videos, and everything else under the sun. We will be reporting from and immediately after the presentation is finished so you won’t miss a thing!