Marc Webb‘s (read interview) new romantic-offbeat-original-dra-medy, 500 Days of Summer starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Godron-Levitt (read interview) finally hit theaters July 17th. Man, woman, whatever you may be, this is a romantic film for everyone. It is the most honest and yet beautifully over the top film that I have seen all year and should absolutely not be missed.

Check out the good, the bad, and the plot below…

The Plot:

A simple as it gets. Boy falls in love, girl doesn’t. A young man (Tom) falls in love with a pretty girl (Summer) who works in his office. He tries to seduce her and it works for a moment, but then she moves on. From the very beginning they announce “This is not a love story, its a story about love” and that is exactly what the film is.

The Good:

  • The Story: Although they play with some pop cliches, they do so in a innovative way. The problem with love stories is that often we can’t relate to them or they seem too obvious. There is nothing new about love, and yet when you feel it, there’s nothing else quite like it. This movie captures exactly that, there is nothing else quite like it.
  • Cheese-Factor: This is the first romantic comedy in a long time that didn’t make me roll my eyes. In fact instead of trying to underplay the qualities of love, they over-did it in a way that anyone who has ever been in or out of love can fully relate to and laugh with. Yes you are that stupid when you’re a victim to love, and it’s funny! Go with it!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Both actors do an amazing job, but because his character goes through more turmoil, his performance stood out for me more than Zooey’s (although she was great as well). He went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows all within the change of a frame and is charming to watch no matter what he’s doing.
  • Effects: Not Bay effects, but effects that make reminiscent of the good old days. Instead of just bedazzling the eye, helps to further emphasis the story.
  • The Music: The film has an absolutely amazing soundtrack (which you can win currently in our 500 Days of Summer competition), which brings the movie to life in a whole new way. I didn’t mention this to promote the giveaway, in fact it was quite the opposite. I contacted Fox for a copy of it myself and then thought some of you might want it to.

The Bad:

  • It Has an Expiration: I’m not sure how long this film will last. Although the film is amazing, and talks about greater issues, it’s quite relevant to 2009 audiences. From the backdrop, to the music, it seems to resonate strongly with audiences today, but I’m not sure if it will stand the test of time. It will have some legs, but if you want to see it right, watch it now, don’t wait for the DVD. (That being said, I would love to watch this film in 10 years and be proved wrong).


If this film taught me anything it’s that we all have our own points of view and no two people ever see the same thing in the same way. So don’t listen to me, get out there and see the movie and decide for yourself what you think of it!

Rating: 8.5